How to Tell a Story through Social Media


Telling your story about through social media could go a long way in establishing your business on the internet. Brand storytelling Is a new phenomena to hit social media.

Brands nowadays use channels like Snapchat in a very bland way. The main problem, there’s no story involved! One main thing to consider is that the human brain doesn’t learn by facts. Stating facts might not get your message across. Think about high school history. Now think about a movie about a historical event. It’s more memorable than reading facts off a school textbook.

The main differentiating aspect here is how the story is told. In movies, you get to live through the emotions of the characters involved. That is something you cannot capture on a textbook (not talking about novels here).

All your social media posts should be parts of a story. They should always have a beginning, middle, and an end. It always starts with a hook (beginning), like a dramatic movie. You need to grab the attention of your audience. You will have to grab the attention of your audience from whatever that is they’re doing.

The second part is the plot (middle), you need to create some suspense or intrigue. Here we create the main message of the story, which leads to the end.

The final part is the resolution (end), anything you create should give the feeling of fulfillment. A call to action would be a great way to end your story. This is where most brands go wrong. They start with the end, where they try to collect email addresses, or sell something directly.

By starting out with a great hook, you have a better chance of attracting paying customers. By addressing an issue some of your customers could be facing, you could send them through your funnel and obtain higher sales.

The most important thing is congruency. That is telling your same story on all your platforms. Your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc, all should resonate the same story, more or less.
There could be some nuances in your different platforms, but your core story should resonate the same.

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