Getting your Social Media for Holiday Seasons on Point!

Social Media for Holiday Seasons

Being Sri Lankans, we are accustomed to a multiple holiday seasons over the year. Be it the Sinhala/Tamil New Year (or Avurudu), Deepavali, Christmas, or Ramadan, we always got something to celebrate about. That being said, it is also the time when social media is on a frenzy. Holiday season revenues on normal tend to be 30% more than on normal days. Having your social media for holiday seasons on point will go a long way here.

Social Media for Holiday Seasons Guide

Use stories to show off a fun side of your organisation

Utilise the stories feature on either Instagram or Snapchat to show a different side of your organisation. Posting random fun stuff or behind-the-scene footage with the holiday theme in mind could work wonders. Showing a story of your team getting ready to down a gigantic bowl of wattalappam during Ramadan is a very nice place to start.

Run a Holiday Hashtag Campaign

Your Social Media for Holiday seasons should definitely run a specific hashtag for the occasion. Having a matching hashtag with the coming Avurudu will help people take their minds off the mundane, and get in with the holidays.

Exclusive Holiday Discounts

Having your audience get access to exclusive deals via social media for holiday seasons is a nice touch that should be utilised. By telling your audience that they an exclusive 20% discount is available this Deepavali, and only via Instagram, it would help them feel special.

Offer Free e-Gifts

This may not work with all industries. But creating a free holiday-themed downloadable item helps you be part of the holiday spirit. It also helps you build an audience for your newsletter, by collecting emails.

Social Media Contest

Running a social media contest that is holiday-themed is another great idea to try out. By asking your audience to post photos/videos that are holiday-inspired, and mentioning your brand will help drive a crazy buzz.

Partnering with a cause

Giving back to the less fortunate is always beneficial to the community and your reputation. By including it in your social media for holiday seasons, the effect is multiplied.


By following these methods, you could have a well set up social media for holiday seasons

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