The Rise of the Influencer Marketer

The Rise of the Influencer Marketer

The rise of the Influencer Marketer occurred with the gain in popularity of Instagram among businesses. The platform was an ideal medium for them to collaborate.

Gone are the days when Facebook reigned supreme in the social media space. Now in its maturity stage, the platform can boast to have the most number of users. It is no longer seen as “trendy” among the members of Generation Z. This is where Facebook’s 2012 acquisition has an upper hand over its parent company.

This holds true to the Sri Lankan landscape as well, with many startups attributing a majority of their leads and collaborations being generated via Instagram. The recent countrywide social media blackout in March 2018, resulted in as high as 40% losses in business to startups. This is a strong testament on how reliant business are on social media platforms for business.

Another great benefit of the platform is the need for a hard sell isn’t very necessary. For instance, a restaurant or cafe, could share a beautifully curated image of their dishes. This will have users go crazy trying to find out where they could get their hands on it. This is where the influencer marketer comes in. The whole idea of using Instagram as a social marketplace rather than a store is the way to go. Generating visually appealing content, working with the right influencer marketer, all help to pique your customers’ attention. This should be followed by a call to action where you could go for the sale.

The Rise of the Influencer Marketer

The Rise of the Influencer Marketer occurred very shortly after businesses realised the great potential Instagram offered to them. In no time, brands had collaborated with instagrammers in fashion, photography, food, and makeup industries.

Nowadays, the use of the influencer marketer has become ubiquitous among high-profile and smaller brands alike. It makes sense to assume that more the people viewing your content, the more chances of you making a sale. An influencer marketer could help you get there. Micro-Influencers too, are making a great impact with brands on some occasions.

Australian-born ex-model, Gabby Epstein, is literally paid to travel the world as lifestyle blogger and influencer marketer. She claims to have got into the trade by accident. By simply posting pictures of her travels, the authenticity in her images earned her recognition. This later converted into a career as an influencer marketer.
Gabby also runs a well sought after online course, Crushfame. It provides a detailed outline on how to build an audience and collaborate with brands.

Another great success, is Samira Kazan’s lifestyle Instagram page. The Oxford University graduate, is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at University College London. She claims that she earns more money as an influencer marketer than two months teaching.
The origin of her influencer marketer career was sparked by a bad date. Funny how things turn out.

Sri Lanka too, has caught up to the influencer marketer craze giving rise to many influential marketers in the fitness, travel, and food industries.

Lalitha Epaarachchi (aka Alpha Lee) runs a very influential page on his Instagram. While also having a great community on his website, it’s his Instagram page that drives most of his traffic. It would be a no-brainer for a fitness brand in Sri Lanka to launch a collaboration with someone having his reach.

The British-born, Alice Luker, enjoys a great deal of influence as a travel/lifestyle/food blogger in Sri Lanka. Her Instagram page has seen great success, all due to its authenticity and visually appealing content.

With all that being said, there can be no doubt. Instagram has now come of age, and influencer marketing is certainly alive and well, indeed thriving, on the platform.

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